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Easy tool to record iOS device screen without jailbreak 「vizoRec」
Dear fellow Screen Recorder HD users
Screen Recording on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) is one of the most wanted feature. But unfortunately, due to some local policies, Apple has banned apps with such feature which leaves a lot of users in no hope of finding suitable recorder to serve their need.
Our app (Screen Recorder HD) in no exception, has been banned too in less than a week. In order to give support to our existing users & also for future app updates. We decided to change our app model to make it to be able to deployed to user device without being published to app store. Please click on below [Install] button to install our app, or read "Installation changes" section for more information.
Our latest stable version comes with the following features:
1. Voice and sound recording. Either from playing content on the device or microphone.
2. Saved video is able to be edited by any external video editors even though with built-in Camera Roll tool.
3. Saving time is expandable.
Installation changes
As for now, our app uses enterprise model when it comes to be installed on your device. Everything will look exactly the same as when you install other app from the app store, except one additional step to configure for it to be able to work correctly. Please click here for more detail information.
Not working on iOS 11

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Ratings and Reviews
(In-app rating & review)

   Jdj    2020-01-12 05:39:14
   Simo    2020-01-11 22:11:01
   Hài lòng    2020-01-11 20:45:39
   Shhdhsh    2020-01-11 00:31:20
   Don    2020-01-09 21:50:48
   This is fun    2020-01-09 13:01:14
Thank you very much. I am still on iOS 10 & thanks to you i closed off updating to any more updates when connected to wifi. Thank you for the video options to increase time & the options for buying the one time fee for unlimited time. I would like to record in game music & sound effects along with the option of the microphone. I recommened this phenomenal tech for those of us that don't want to upgrade past iOS 10
   Bora    2020-01-05 17:31:45
   Anonymous    2020-01-04 16:57:09
I hate ads especially forced ones when your gonna watch ads to increase the time of your video
   Kerby    2020-01-04 01:37:19
How to share with people I can't share it with people the video
   Nice!    2020-01-03 03:10:20
I really liked this app because I'm in iOS 10.3.4 lol 😂 but thanks for making this app
 Anonymous    2020-01-04 16:57:23
Me to
   Johanne    2020-01-02 00:28:31
Every thing is amazing but please make limitless time for my videos and directly save to photos 5 stars if this improves
   H    2019-12-31 20:42:22
   {^$lizcu$^}    2019-12-26 20:04:59
Ko ổn
   Icy Sharky    2019-12-26 18:09:42
Worked really good
 Màn ngô vam    2019-12-27 13:30:20
   CrowBrawlStars    2019-12-24 15:10:41
Nice piece of work
   Alok apelão    2019-12-23 22:39:19
Gostei muito
   S    2019-12-23 19:42:10
   Reply plsss    2019-12-22 21:52:09
How to delete video guys?
 Joy    2019-12-23 21:34:44
 Clashers    2019-12-30 10:59:12
Swipe to the left
   FUCK THIS APP    2019-12-20 12:52:47
This is a Ass app don't even let me record how do I record
 boi    2020-01-15 05:52:22
You click start record button you retard
 Boy    2020-01-21 19:51:06
Boi I agree with you
   Jzh    2019-12-18 16:29:58
J j
   Bro Da    2019-12-14 11:08:52
Hi Bro Ton
   Alex Narciso    2019-12-13 16:36:37
I love this so much and sience i'm a youtuber i just need to give tips to my subscribers so now i can record what i'm doing and post on youtube
   It works good    2019-12-13 02:14:56
Works very well I can even use music while doing videos with this
   8-bitBrawlStars    2019-12-12 22:59:08
 CrowBrawlStars    2019-12-24 15:09:54
Nice piece of work
   Adam    2019-12-11 21:07:25
Add option to donate for removal of ads!!!!
 ហហហ    2019-12-12 22:40:33
 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕    2019-12-12 23:00:21
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
   Prince    2019-12-07 09:42:32
Can you guys add the record audio from device, I wanna record audio from my device...not my microphone.
   Hhsjs    2019-12-06 19:19:59
   skyscolor    2019-12-02 10:22:04
VizoRec is an amazing recording software. It has very decent quality and has a good microphone quality as well. I don't like VizoRec completely because you have to watch ads to get more time on videos. I also don't like how I can't delete videos and it says file size 10 or something like that. VizoRec is a good program but you guys need to step up your game.
 Nice    2019-12-12 18:55:44
You can swipe to delete
   Hh    2019-12-02 01:59:48
   Venz    2019-12-01 22:52:12
i cant have the whole vid